TCHS Staff

Language Arts Department
Mrs. Natalie Callier, Chair  [email protected]
9th and 12th Grade Language Arts 
Mrs. Christy Boggs [email protected]  9th and 10th Grade Language Arts
Mr. Raymond Malmgren [email protected]  American Literature and British Literature

Mathematics Department
Mrs. Dana Albertson, Chair  [email protected]  Algebra I and Pre-Calculus
Mr. Randall Roland   Geometry and AMDM
Mr. Danny Payne   Foundations Algebra and Advanced Algebra

Science Department
Mr. Stanley Kimble, Chair   Physical Science and Chemistry
Dr. Brian McCarthy
[email protected]   Biology and Chemistry
Mrs. Courtney Stoops
[email protected]  Anatomy and Environmental Science

Social Science Department
Mrs. Diane Madore, Chair [email protected]
U. S. History and World Geography 
Mr. Chris Cox [email protected] 
 World Geography
Mrs. Chelsea McGhee [email protected]  Citizenship/Economics and World Geography

Physical Education Department
Coach Matt Troutman, Athletic Director*  [email protected]  Weight Training

 Health and P.E.
Coach Mark Wilson [email protected]  Weight Training
Coach Robert Yevak [email protected]  Team Sports and Weight Training


Fine Arts Department

Mr. Devin Driskell  [email protected]  Band Director, Chorus, and  Advanced Band
Mrs. Noelia Santiago [email protected]  Spanish I, II, and III

Special Studies
Mrs. Cheryl Gray [email protected] 
Mrs. Kim Jarrell
[email protected] 
Mr. Kevin Robinson
[email protected] 
Mrs. Ozela Short, Parapro  [email protected] 

CTAE Department
Mrs. Michelle Kimble  [email protected]   CTAE Director
Mrs. Mattie McFarland   Receptionist
CSM Irving Bush   [email protected]   JROTC Army Leadership Education I
Mrs. Lisa Carr, Business   [email protected]   Web & Digital Design
Mr. Robert Hill   [email protected]  Audio-Video Technology and Film I
Mr. Adam Miller [email protected]  Automobile Maintenance and Light Repair
Mrs. Margaret Reeves
[email protected]   Architectural Drawing & Design
Ms. Christy Saunders [email protected]  Early Childhood Care and Education
Mrs. Gayla Singletary  [email protected]  Horticulture/Mechanical Systems
SFC Curtis Smith   [email protected]   JROTC Army Leadership Education I
Mrs. Veronica Hart   Business and Technology

Administrative and Support Staff
Mrs. Shonda Green   Principal 
Mrs. Judy Smith
[email protected]   Counselor
Mrs. Jane Hinton   Bookkeeper
Mrs. Christy Kendrick
[email protected]   Receptionist
Mrs. Lisa Carr
[email protected]   Media Specialist
Mrs. Ida Greene
[email protected]   Media Clerk
Mrs. Mahaley Parks [email protected] Academic Coach
Chief Jimmy Towns 
[email protected]   School Resource Officer
Mrs. Kathy Cockerham [email protected]  School Nurse