A career pathway is a series of related courses in one career area of interest designed to provide rigorous, academic, and technical experiences. Career, Technical, and Agricultural (CTAE) can lead to several career pathways as you journey to become college ready, work ready, and career ready. Do you know that CTAE equips students with academic, employability and job-specific technical skills? According to the BLS, of the 20 fastest growing occupations, 14 require an associate degree or less. Furthermore, of the 20 occupations with the largest numbers of new jobs projected for 2020. 18 require on-the-job training, an associate degree or a post-secondary credential. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2012-13 Edition). Also leadership development is provided through participation in the co-curricular Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs). CTAE is your educational road map. Are you ready to travel?

The answer is YES! It is the educational responsibility of the Taylor County School District to prepare our students to be ready to compete in this global economy. Let's meet the challenge together.